I’m In Love With The Shape Of You.

I can’t understand how girls can look at the sky and think “wow God is so amazing?’ Yet can’t look in the mirror as if he didn’t make them both. – Unknown

Did you gain the freshmen 15 and still haven’t gotten it off? Or did you gain happy weight from starting a new relationship and that man wanting to wine and dine you every day of the week? Maybe your someone who has tried every trick in the book to gain weight. Am I too fat? Am I too skinny? We all struggle with trying to be the perfect size. Honestly, what is the ideal size? Body image issues are a struggle for many women, no matter what size they may be considered. All of us have issues with our weight and/or insecurities with a specific part of our body. The solution, embrace that shit or make a change, simple as that.

My weight gain started at 21 beginning a new relationship and then turned to using food as a coping mechanism to help with depression. Oh, how I hated the infamous line, “you put on a couple of pounds” which mostly came from women (damn sis what an encouraging statement, kick me while I’m down). My weight fluctuated throughout the years but it wasn’t until I became newly single and wanted to be out here looking like a snack, ok! Most importantly I wanted to be happy in my skin. I started Keto, hit the gym, and the rest is history. I’ve kept my weight off going on two years. I still have some areas that I want to work on, but I can honestly say that I’m in a happier space concerning issues with my body.

So where do you currently stand with your body issues? Are you a work in progress or are you loving the skin you’re in, let me know?

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  1. Always struggles with wing the skinny guy all my life. Than I got older and the slim guys got love too lol. As long as i am HEALTHY, body type doesn’t mean much.

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