Soul Ties

Dear Soulmate,

To know you is to love you. I never thought it would be possible to meet someone who gets me, understands me and makes me feel at peace. You make me want to be a better me. Your presence is felt every time I see you enter the room; it’s like tunnel vision no one else exists. I feel like I’ve met you in a past life, it’s crazy because so many people will go through life and never have this experience. I found you without even looking for you. I thank you for allowing me to be me and pushing me to follow my dreams.

When we met, we connected instantly, when I look at you, I see a reflection of myself. When you are happy, I am happy, when you hurt, I hurt. You could put us in an empty room, and I know I would have the best time of my life. If there came a point in time where we should part, I would still love you. I wish you eternal happiness, that your every dream would be fulfilled and just the thought of these things for you completes my happiness.

Enough of the sentimental shit, you know what buttons to push as well. Yet, I can’t stay mad at you for too long I’d be only hurting myself in the end. Overall, I just want to say thank you! Thank you for being you. I love all your virtues and your flaws. Most importantly thank you for being my friend, you could never be replaced. I love you now and forever.



Who came to mind when you read this letter? Do you believe a soulmate can be a lover or a friend? Do you believe that you can have several soulmates throughout your lifetime?

4 thoughts

  1. I love this post, I think it speaks volumes when it comes to finding your true love / soulmate. Unfortunately nobody at the moment came to mind while reading this post but I am a firm believer that you can find your soulmate through your friend as well as a lover. More so a friend. I mean they do say that the best relationships comes from being best friends. I know of a few marriages that were very successful based on the friendship between the two as well as the relationship. That’s what’s I look forward to in the future when it comes to finding my life long partner.


  2. First thing that came to mind was “WOW! Who’s the lucky guy?!” Lol. But jokes aside, I feel this is a GREAT way to continue to believe in your self value. Believe that everything you want is out there and attainable. No such thing as a perfect person; there’s also NO REASON each and everyone of us, as a loving human being, should go a lifetime without feeling this. VERY WELL SPOKEN!


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