An Open Letter To My 21-Year-Old SElf

Dear 21-year-old Celebrity,

So this year we’ve turned 32, and I want you to know that I am incredibly proud of the woman that you have become, you’re amazing! Even though you are still a work in progress, you don’t understand how strong you have become over the years. I wish you could’ve seen how beautiful you were and I’m not even talking about your physical but your inner beauty. Somehow you critiqued and found every flaw possible to bring yourself down. You spent a lot of time insecure and unsure about yourself and comparing yourself to others. I wish you could see what I see now and what makes you unique is that you are you. There’s no one else in this world that can be you, and that’s what makes you special. I finally love you as you should have loved yourself.

Also, there is no need to rush love. You grew up in a two-parent household, and you strived to have a family because you were a product of one. You jumped from relationship to relationship and never allowed yourself to get to know you. Seeking validation and trying to cope with abandonment issues from your childhood. You should’ve experienced your 20’s and did as much living as you possibly could, yet you took another road. A hopeless romantic you were, and you loved the idea of being in love. The result of this landed you in a relationship that turned into a marriage which then ended in divorce. You settled and stayed in a marriage for years due to the idea of public scrutiny and feeling like a failure. I’m here to tell you when love doesn’t live here anymore; it’s times to exit. Just so you know you finally found the courage in which many people never do, you chose to leave. Instead of looking for love in others, you finally found the love you were looking for within yourself.

By the way, pretty much at 32 I still don’t have it all together, why did you think you would at 21? Life has its ups and downs, and we all go through experiences that ultimately shape us into the best versions of ourselves. I’m still trying to comprehend how this life thing works, so there was no need to stress yourself. Everything in life happens for a reason, cliché quote but damn it’s so right! I wish that you would have loved yourself more, been patient with love and girl enjoyed them 20’s! Overall, I want you to know you turned out pretty good kid! Can’t wait to write my 32-year-old self at 40!


32-Year-Old Celebrity

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