It’s Not Just You, I’m Single Too!

Dating can be stressful, who wants to keep on asking several people over and over again what their favorite color and food happen to be, I know I don’t?  However, if you so happen to be reading this and may somehow be my future husband, I love pink sometimes purple and Mexican food (ok, got that out of the way). According to a General Society Survey conducted by the NORC at the University of Chicago for the year 2018, the following age groups listed below are currently single:

  • Ages 18-34
    • 51%
  • Ages 35-49
    • 21%
  • Ages 50-64
    • 26%
  • Ages 65+
    • 37%

Chile, those millennial’s play a massive part in the 51% of people who don’t have a significant other, but there are many reasons that this percentage exists. You can factor in maybe their too young and don’t want a relationship, throw in the divorce factor, we also have career driven individuals who could care less about a relationship and the list goes on and on.

So I took to Facebook and Instagram and asked males and females, with various backgrounds and in different age groups were they currently looking to be in a relationship or were they not actively ready to take that big step? Throughout the answers, you can see everyone wanted to be in a relationship (some now, some still unsure and some just taking some time off to figure some shit out). I wanted everyone to look at the bigger picture and to stop assuming why some people happen to be single.

Check out the responses below.

“I do eventually want to be in a relationship. However, I have no desire to date currently. I know I need to change my views and thinking in certain areas, so I don’t bring old baggage into a new relationship. I know I need to work on me right now and get myself together, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, financially, and physically”.

Female 40 years old

“I would love to be in a relationship; however, people today are far too egocentric and selfish. They want everything from you and give little to nothing in return. I want a woman who will be unavailable to all others once we are together, I don’t need her entertaining other men at all. Loyalty is paramount if I can’t have that I’ll stay single. I’m a loyal person, and at this stage in my life, I won’t tolerate disloyalty. People have very little morals, and their self-centeredness causes them never to be satisfied with one person. Instead, they seek to continue to play games while the other person suffers the indignity of betrayal”.

-Male 53 years old  

“I would be in one if I found the right person, but I don’t seek one. Not necessarily. As far as going out with the intent to meet someone, use a dating website or app, etc. I am perfectly content with my path and hobbies; I’m never bored or in need of much of anything. My only goal is to be a homeowner and never be in an abyss of debt. There are a few people I know who I feel I’m very compatible with, but they aren’t available. Overall, I think I don’t match with very many people, which is the main deterrent from getting out there and trying to date, but I don’t see that as a bad thing”.

-Male 34 years old  

“This is tricky for me to answer because I feel like I’m on both ends sometimes. I am in a place of not actively seeking to be in a relationship and genuinely ok with learning and loving myself. However, if someone interested in having my time and attention with the intentions of being in a committed relationship comes around, I’m open. I feel I haven’t found “the one” because I just wasn’t in a good space with myself to receive and give healthy love. I can’t put that on anyone but myself”.

-Female 30 years old

“I’m single and want to date but don’t know how? Where to meet people? Do I approach a guy, or does that make me look desperate? Wouldn’t the right man approach me? I’m so busy, will I have time to date? What does God want me to do”?

-Female 32 years old

“I don’t want to settle; so far I’ve only been divorced for six months (separated for a year and some months). I was 21 years old when I got into a committed relationship, and I didn’t get to live my life. By the age of 24, I was married and trying to learn how to be a wife; I wasn’t ready. This time around, I want to be genuinely in love with my best friend. Until I feel that feeling, that chemistry I’m okay with being single. I don’t want to waste my time, let alone else’s”.

-Celebrity 32 years old (that’s me lol).

I decided to write this post because I come in contact with so many people every day and no matter their age, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality everyone deep down inside wants to be loved and find that special someone. Funny, true story I’m walking down the street today, and this man probably in his late 60’s screams in my ear, “oh my goodness”! He scared the hell out of me; he’s like “you’re so beautiful”, and I replied, “thank you.” We begin to talk, and I tell him to have a good weekend, and he wishes me the same. He then goes on to say he hates making plans because sometimes people bail out on him. I said, “sometimes you have to do things alone”, as he walked away he replied, “but it’s nothing like doing it with someone you love”.

We all yearn for companionship in my opinion, however, make sure that you are 100% complete as an individual before you jump into a relationship. Let your significant other be a bonus. I wanted you all to see that there are so many others in the same boat as you and there are many reasons why someone may be single. You can be in a relationship and still feel alone; the key to happiness starts within you. I encourage you all to continue to work on yourself to allow love to find you. Seeking will only allow you to settle. If you are completely satisfied with yourself, I wish you the same in finding that special someone. Just remember, it’s not just you, I’m single, too!

2 thoughts

  1. Very awesome post,
    I really enjoyed reading other’s opinions and outlooks on love and relationships. This gave me a chance to see things from other people point of view on love and relationships. And to tell the truth I can just about relate to a lot of them in some type of way. Love is patient, love is kind and it will always be around for us to find so that’s lets me know it’s okay to take my time.


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