Battling Depression: Learning To Water Your Spiritual Garden

First and foremost, I would like to dedicate this post and playlist to Henry. Sometimes we can’t understand why we end up in a certain place at a certain time? We were aligned to sit down and talk this past Saturday afternoon, for a reason. Lately, I’ve been going back and forth on content for my blog; I guess you can say that I had writer’s block. Also, I had to stray away from the idea that the more followers and likes that you receive on social media will dictate the success of your product or brand. This is a lie.

The success to me is you following your dreams and making an impact on someone’s life; rather, it is one person or 20. You inspired me to write this post, and I hope that this post will inspire you. Thank you, stay true to yourself and never give up. You are you, and that’s what makes you stand out in this world.

If any of you have not read my prior post titled, “ Cranes In The Sky: Battling Depression,” I encourage you to because this post goes hand in hand.

At times we begin to cling on to things that we feel will help make us happy. The form of addiction can be in the shape of many things, food, drugs, or a significant other. What we don’t realize is that our addiction should be ourselves. Through conversation, whether it be a woman or man, many people don’t honestly know what makes them happy?

Being depressed can be very overwhelming; one of the biggest issues is feeling like no one can understand you? The key to the beginning of the journey that you are about to embark on is getting to know YOU. I’m no therapist, but I found the best treatment for myself was to rediscover myself. I want you to sit down and make a list of just five things that make you happy? Take a break and come back when you’re finished.


Did you include yourself on this list or anything that involves just you? Sigh. When I created my list, it took me nearly 20 minutes, and all of my happiness included another individual, food, or shopping. Nowhere on this list did I write I made myself happy. I must warn you that finding what makes you happy is not an overnight success; you have to get in tune with yourself, and this is a process. However, it will be a rewarding one.

I didn’t want this to be an overbearing and long post because I want to revisit this subject as much as I can; we have to take baby steps. When you get some free time, please begin to work on a list of the things that make you happy that includes you. Also, please get in the habit of telling people NO! When you feel like you’re not at your best, it is completely fine to regroup and focus on you. Also, find your niche, what do you like to do? When I was going through my transitional phase, I knew I always wanted to start a blog. Look at me now! Start that clothing line, write that book for YOU!!!

I also included in today’s post a playlist of songs that I feel are very encouraging, inspirational, and speak to YOU. Do not put this playlist on shuffle. I beg you when you get to “Good Life” by One Republic put it on pause get in the shower press play and electric slide your ass off to this song and the song after. When I tell you that was one of the best experiences of my life!

This playlist is also also available on Apple Music under Celebrity Rashay.

I hope this post helps you to begin to water your spiritual garden and become the best version of you. Until we meet again, if no one has told you today, you are beautiful, amazing, worthy, and I love you.

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