Rescue Me: An Affirmation of Love

A Simple Kind Of Love I’ve Always Dreamed…

Allow me to be transparent and very vulnerable, but I’m not only doing this for myself but also doing it for you. One of the most difficult words to define, to feel and to act out is love. I swear I would be a millionaire if I could count how many times I’ve held conversations with women in search of finding that special one. This post came from me listening to one of my favorite songs called “Rescue Me” by Teedra Moses. Teedra is my homegirl in my head, hey Teedra!

 It was the year 2004, and my 17-year-old self was introduced to this wonderful masterpiece titled Complex Simplicity. Now, Rescue Me was my song had me belting out “this poor heart of mine still feel I could find a love to call my own.” Now here I am at 32 years old, still feeling the emotions in these lyrics. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and believed in fairytale endings, which many people viewed as a weakness. Like, tear down my dream of me finding the love I want, sheesh.

Someone To Come Into My Life…

This song has brought me so much hope, patience and reassurance at times where I thought falling in love and settling down again may not be in my future. I’ve come to realize that there are so many women in the same boat, some pretty amazing women too. There is nothing wrong with praying and welcoming love into your life, and I wanted to give you a positive and uplifting narrative. Everyone isn’t bitter about being single, and it’s ok to put out affirmations of love to the universe.

This subject has been on my heart after talking to several women who I feel are deserving of the love they want for themselves. So ladies be prepared for this love that is on its way. Below I’ve included a live version of “Rescue Me” by Teedra Moses the song which inspired this post. Stay encouraged.

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