Wax + Wine

If you know me personally, you know that I love candles, and I finally got to visit Wax + Wine (http://www.waxandwine.com) for a girl’s night out. Wax + Wine is located in downtown Philly at 1034 Pine St. A BYOB space here you can create your signature candles at their Candle Bar, which you will also learn about the artisan craft of candle making.

Choose from over 75 different fragrances to narrow down to two of your personal favs and make sure to give your candle a name. My fragrance combination was Mahogany Coconut and Black Raspberry, and you know I had to name my candle Celeb Vibes. Lol This candle will be burned listening to my Celeb Vibes playlist available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal (y’all like that plug, huh)? Lol

There are two package deals, which include the Vintage Package for $35 plus taxes with reserve seating for 75 minutes in which you will make one candle, and members of the team will guide you through the candle making process. The Select Label package includes all of the above as well and an additional candle for $45 plus taxes. Also enjoy 15% off of all retail products included in each package deal.

The experience was very chill, and you know I’m all about a vibe. Wax + Wine is a great night on the town whether you’re going solo, having a girls night out, or spending quality with bae. Also, who doesn’t love arts and crafts while enjoying your drink of choice, I know I do? Let me know if you decide to give it a try, also comment below and let me know about some new spots you’ve enjoyed.

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