Access Granted or Access Denied? | Should You Give Your Partner Your Passwords?

Social media has had some of us feeling a little paranoid when it comes to trust in our relationships. I have never had the urge to ask anyone I was in a relationship for their passwords. Now, I won’t sit here and say that I never curiously went through a past lover’s email when he accidentally left it open, a chick got her feelings hurt by the way. However, when you go snooping your bond to receive some displeasing information because usually when you do this it’s because something seems a little off.

As a soon to be 33-year-old woman (my birthday is next month, February 28th I’m accepting all gifts LOL) and someone who would describe herself as being open and honest, sorry boo but you’re not getting my password. Simply because a sister has nothing to hide, if we have decided to be in a committed relationship (just me and you), I’m loyal as fuck, and I would laugh if you ever asked. But, give me a valid reason why you need this information? Exactly, you don’t have one.

As two grown individuals, there needs to be a level of trust and communication. Just because you have access to one’s social media accounts and email, does this ensure that they won’t cheat on you? Hell no! Also, this opens up some additional unnecessary activities that will drain the life out of you and become an addiction. Here, you are going through their accounts for the first time, and boom you don’t find a got damn thing. Next thing you know, you’re up two in the morning while they are sleep scanning IG, Facebook, phones, and emails trying to find something that doesn’t exist. I’m good you won’t have me going the hell crazy, bro.

Also, sometimes things don’t work out in relationships, and you won’t be using my Netflix account to entertain other females. LOL However, on a serious note, our devices hold some pretty important information that you don’t want out on the world wide web. In reality, we all hope that we have a relationship with an individual that we completely trust, but love makes you do some crazy things.

Last and certainly not least, remember that argument we had last night? Now I’m texting my girlfriends and mom about how much of an asshole you are and you find out creeping through my phone! How many times have you misconstrued a text message and receive the tone in the way you wanted to receive it? Yup, now we’re beefing and this could have all been avoided if you would’ve in my Kevin Hart voice, “mind your motherfucking business!”

We all are entitled to our own opinions when it comes to this relevant topic. So I took to Facebook and asked my peers does complete trust still exist? Do you have or want access to your partner’s social media accounts, phone, email, etc.? Read the responses below:

“It does, and I don’t. That’s just some power of control and the need to know. Complete trust comes from the confidence within. If you fully trust yourself and your relationship, there’s no need for all of that”.
“I think so. My boyfriend has my password to my phone, which happened more sporadically because he was trying to fix it. I don’t have his, but I think if I asked, he would give it to me if it made sense why? I never had the urge to go through his phone, and it seems he’s doesn’t want to go through mine. I leave my email on my laptop open, and even my journal and I don’t think he’s ever looked through either lol”.

Yes, complete trust does exist. I don’t need to have access to any of my wife’s things, but in having complete trust, you should be willing to give your partner access to any and everything you have as well as your partner should do the same and trust that they won’t use any of it because you give them no reason to. I feel as though if you need privacy in your relationship, you don’t need to be in a relationship. That’s just my opinion”.
“I honestly don’t want access to people accounts except for in the cases of an emergency.”
I don’t care to have them; I have a hard time keeping up with my stuff. The day I need his passwords to scroll through his phone, and social media accounts is the day we must reevaluate the relationship. I require peace, and I can’t have that if I have to check up on you“.
Women are the only ones that need access to everything, what do we have to do to show that we can be trusted?
Yes. And no. Trust is hard, but you have to allow it until proven otherwise. I don’t have any passwords to my man stuff and don’t want it and vice versa. But again, I don’t have the red flags to make me want to snoop either. Trauma from past relationships is still present. I have to check myself and not apply it to this relationship”.

So are you giving up those passwords or not, comment below and let me know?

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